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Top 7 UK PPC Agencies 2024

We’ve compiled a short list of some of the UK’s best PPC agencies. Each one of the agencies we’re about to recommend comes with great reviews, versatility, and affordability.

Researching and deciding on a PPC agency can be a nerve-wracking experience. Both budget and results play a huge part in a business’s decision-making. This is all the more apparent if you have not worked with a UK PPC agency before. The PPC agency you choose must be able to get you the results you desire. Whether this is increased sales, higher newsletter sign-up numbers or simply more eyes on your site- These results must be within budget and within a reasonable timeframe that works for your goals. We’ve compiled a short list of some of the UK’s best PPC agencies. Each one of the agencies we’re about to recommend comes with great reviews, versatility, and affordability.


Based out of Scotland and the Netherlands, PPC Magic is a Google Ads PPC agency. By focusing on one of the most powerful areas of PPC they often generate results which are 2-3X the normal conversion for their clients.

PPC Magic promises to help your business grow faster, smarter and in more predictable ways by eliminating the guesswork in your PPC campaigns.

Their slew of Google Ad services include:

Traffic Generation: The services here include Google ads audit, Google ads account setup and Google ads management.

Conversion optimisation with landing page creation, Ad copywriting and conversion tracking.

Finally, they end with lead nurturing through email automation, CRM management and remarketing. ‍

If you have existing campaigns which are underperforming, inconsistent or exceeding costs, chances are your campaign or tracking system has been set up incorrectly or is being monitored wrong. PPC Magic follows a simple yet effective process to get you back on track. ‍

1. Effective positioning highlighting your USP and providing insights into what your customers want from your business.

2. Their Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) method involves detailed keyword research that will ensure you stand out from the competition. Repeatedly get high-quality scores and better click-through rates.

3. Once customers come to your site, you need a landing page that will convert these visitors. Their expert copywriting team can take care of this for you.

4. Through research and analysis, they can narrow down the target and ad campaigns and use this data on other PPC platforms such as LinkedIn, Bing and Facebook.

5. The final step from PPC Magic is automated lead nurturing allowing you to capture visitors who did not purchase, the 1st, 2nd or 3rd time around.

If you want simplicity, scalability and performance-based pricing then it looks like PPC Magic will be the right choice for you.

Loudmouth Media

Winner of the “Best Small PPC Agency in the UK” award for the last several years, Loudmouth Media is based in Belfast, Ireland and was founded in 2011. Loudmouth is a small PPC agency that provides comprehensive services ranging from social advertising to SEO campaigns. Loudmouth specializes in creating cost-effective search campaigns, boosting SEO, social advertising, boosting ROIs using various digital strategies and designing video ads.

Circus PPC

Circus PPC was founded in 2009. The agency is fully trained and capable of handling paid media for Google, Bing, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and much more. Circus PPC implements tried-and-true strategies and is constantly reviewing, refining, growing, and testing new technologies. Each client is treated as an individual and is provided with a PPC plan that is unique to them. A few services that Circus PPC offers include search campaigns, shopping campaigns, remarketing, international account management, display, video, and social advertising, and outsourcing. Circus puts a heavy emphasis on mobile advertising. ‍

Soap Media

Soap Media is a full-service digital marketing agency based out of Preston and has offices in Manchester. Soap Media’s primary aim is to be the only agency that their clients need to meet their goals. It does this by providing a variety of comprehensive services using research, planning, design, development, paid advertising, and marketing. A few of Soap Media’s chief clients include AA Tyres, Booths, American Golf, and Money Supermarket. Soap Media offers services such as auditing, PPC management, web design and development, content marketing, and lead generation. ‍

Optimum Click

A specialist PPC agency based in Manchester, Optimum Click promises to get its clients results within the first three months of partnership. The target is for clients to see a 20% revenue increase during this period -- if a client does not see that return, they are offered a 100% money-back guarantee. Optimum Click offers PPC audits, Bing ads, Google ads, analytics, and social marketing among many other services.


A small company made up of digital marketing experts, Yando is based in London and provides PPC, SEO, retargeting, paid social media services and comprehensive social and marketing strategies. Yando uses a no-nonsense approach and is on a mission to make you, its client, more money. Yando focuses on revenue increases and offers a free website analysis before you even get started.

Novi. Digital

Novi. Digital is a Google Premier Partner Agency that specializes in PPC and SEO optimization for clients. They use analysis, research, and consulting to design PPC campaigns and targeting that benefit their clients. They pride themselves on providing a customer-centric approach and cater to both B2B and B2C clients. PPC management is one of the company's most popular services. They are experienced in running a variety of highly effective PPC campaigns and offer useful PPC auditing roadmaps that clients can use to improve their ROI.


The task of choosing a PPC agency doesn’t have to be daunting. With a bit of research, you can find the perfect PPC agency for you, but with our list of recommendations, the process should be much easier.


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